Letters to the Editor

Online extra letter | DiSabato prepared and dedicated, best choice for District 56

I've known and worked alongside Dennis Disabato for over 2 years. He's 34, but more prepared, wiser and more dedicated to serving the public than 99.99% of the people most of us know.

He's that rare fellow whom you can trust, he builds consensus, he knows how to work towards positive results and proven it time and again. Possessing an unparalelled work ethic, his call to service is unique, genuine and exemplary. When elected, he will make us all proud in District 56, an area that is receiving representation, in reality, for the first time.

Dennis knows the needs and the people here. Dennis' term as President of the Carolina Forest Civic Association saw his efforts lead to many successes and to a real voice for the area. Please make the thoughtful decision on Election Day!

The writer lives in Carolina Forest.