Letters to the Editor

Online extra letter | Voting should be for the informed

Voting is serious business for serious people.

I've always considered Voting a Priority and a privilege, also I like to feel i'm patriotic.

Mitt Romney has been through numerous primary and Presidential tussles. Barack Obama has a four year record on display as well as his debate appearances. Hopefully we're not depending on the right wing spin doctors on the Fox News Channel or the left wing extremists on MSNBC to tell us what we missed.

By this time we should know who we are voting for. There's really no excuse to still be undecided since we have been blasted with ads, promos, and information by the bushel from all the media. We have radio, TV, PC's and the Internet. Newspapers, magazines, Smart phones etc. The information has been out there for the picking.

If you haven't made up your mind than you aren't motivated. This isn't a test you can cram for on the final day. You shouldn't be checking your buddies and neighbors pulse to get their sense of who to vote for. And you certainly shouldn't be looking for Divine Guidance on Election Day. Don't rely on last minute 30-second sound bites and don't hope for a billboard en route to the voting booth to finally make up your mind.

It isn't just our right to vote it's our duty to cast an informed ballot. There is no such thing as voting for the wrong candidate if you have studied and done your homework. Your opinion is yours' alone and you should vote your conscience after careful analysis. But if you are still undecided on that final morning maybe you should stay home and not clog up the voting lines for those who have an idea what they are doing.

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.