Letters to the Editor

Online extra letter | Re-elect Alma White for Georgetown County clerk of court

Dear Citizens of Georgetown County,

My name is Tara Washington, a former employee of the present Georgetown County Clerk of Court Ms. Alma Y. White. I was hired under the former Clerk of Court Ruby Ann Moore as a general sessions clerk. When Ms. Alma White took office in 2001, she allowed me the opportunity to serve as general sessions court coordinator, in which I worked under her leadership for 5 years. Unfortunately, after 5 years I had to make a hard but important decision to leave due to family related reasons.

When situation got better Ms. Alma White generously rehired me and after 2 years I had to make another hard decision to leave due to my health. During the entire 7 years working for Ms. White I’ve witnessed her conquer complex situations as the clerk of court and make tough decisions for the betterment of the office. I admire her hard work, determination, dedication and her willingness to serve. Ms. White is a people person. She’s always willing to help others and has the citizens of Georgetown at heart.

I enjoyed working for Ms. White and I loved my job. I will always be grateful of the opportunities she has given me. When Ms. White first took office, some say she could not do the job but she has proven them wrong. Ms. White has accomplished so many good things while in office of the Clerk of Court and given the opportunity I believe she will continue to do so.

Re-elect Alma Y. White, Georgetown County clerk of court.

The writer lives in Portage, Ind.