Letters to the Editor

Tinubu’s union stance out of touch

Mrs. Tinubu’s comment in the recent debate, “I say it is time for American workers to get a raise and that’s what unions are for,” shows me someone that is not in tune to the real world, especially one of running a business. I feel strongly that unions had their time and place when originally formed, but in today’s society, they have outlived their responsibilities, effectiveness and reasonableness. They are now used to lobby, strike and cripple businesses that are already hurt in a down economy.

One of my horrible experiences with unions was in 1977, when I worked at McGuire Nuclear Station and at which time, I believe, Duke Power had the largest non-union construction force in the country. We had to have an extra nozzle welded onto the steam generator that was built by Westinghouse. The nozzle was 80 feet in the air and Duke Power personnel built scaffolding for the Westinghouse welders to use to weld the nozzle to the generator. Upon seeing the scaffolding, the union Westinghouse welders asked if the scaffolding was erected with union labor? Upon finding out that it was not, they would not climb it and weld on the nozzle until the existing scaffolding was torn down and new scaffolding erected by union labor. This obviously cost a lot of wasted time and money, and those welders were paid their wages, while they sat around and waited for all this to be done.

This was an absolute disgrace and abuse of power by individuals using the umbrella of the union to get their way and ultimately receive money for doing nothing.

I find it very disturbing that we have a candidate running for the U.S. Congress that believes unions are a better way of life for Americans, businesses, free enterprise and economic development.

She needs to get in touch with reality and that is why I am supporting Tom Rice to be the representative of the 7th Congressional District.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.