Letters to the Editor

Rice the better choice for Congress

I was born in Charleston and have lived in Horry County for the past 36 years. I feel I have witnessed much history and would like to endorse Tom Rice for Congress and voice some concerns I have about the Democratic Party and myths regarding Republicans.

First of all, I have known Tom Rice for 30 years and have found him to be a man of strong faith, principles, and much honor and integrity. I have observed Tom both in church as well as at social occasions, and he has always performed his obligations with truth and dignity. In short, he is exactly the kind of man who should serve in public office.

My concerns regarding the Democratic Party are numerous. For one thing, I do not know how any Christian could vote for any person who is running in the Democratic Party. When the Democrats removed the words “God” and “Jerusalem” from their party platform, they lost me and, I hope, thousands of other peop1e. With regard to God, he is our creator, and this country was founded by Puritans from Great Britain. Secondly, in the Old Testament (Psalm 122), God refers to Zion as his people, the Jewish people. Zion becomes Jerusalem in the New Testament, so there is no doubt as to who owns Jerusalem: the Jewish people, not the Palestinians. How could anyone vote for a group that removes such important language from its plank?

Mrs. Tinubu, this is only a sampling of my concerns about the Democrats. Surely, you can see why we must support an honest individual as Tom Rice. I, therefore, fervently urge everyone to vote for Tom Rice for the House of Representatives.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.