Letters to the Editor

Ryhal clear choice in Carolina Forest

I find the bashing tactics of Mr. DiSabato very distasteful. Combine that with the less than admirable strategy of trying to keep his opponent off the ballot and it sure sounds like dirty politics to me.

I met Mike Ryhal when my husband and I were building a home in Carolina Forest. We were using the same lumber supplier and were having problems with a construction issue. Mike simply showed up on site one day and solved the problem -- not because we were friends, not because we asked him, but simply because he wanted to help a new neighbor.

We subsequently met Mike’s family and were so impressed by their sweet, down to earth nature and natural goodness -- so often lacking in politics. We watched as Mike built a successful, family business from the ground up -- literally with his bare hands, a positive attitude, and a dream.

I watched Sunday’s debate between these two candidates. During Mr. DiSabato’s closing statement, he expressed that by being single, he does not have to deal with the “distraction of family obligations” and therefore will be better able to serve us.

Mike Ryhal is a man of tremendous integrity, generosity, and compassion. He is a dedicated husband, father, and businessman committed to his faith, family and community. There’s no question in my mind that family is not a distraction to him, it’s his strength. Isn’t that the kind of person we want representing Carolina Forest’s House District 56? Do we really want or need another attorney?

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.