Letters to the Editor

Obama has divided our nation

Re Oct. 28 letter by John McNerney, “Romney win will only widen divide”

Well I thought this was March with all of the blarney in McNerney’s recent letter concerning the upcoming election and the divide the country will face if Mr. Romney is elected. How could this country be more divided than it has been for the last four years under the current president? He has toured the world apologizing for the US. He has said we are not just a Christian country. He has allowed Iran to get many steps closer to a nuclear bomb, etc. How much more could your president divide this great country of ours?

Now Obama supporters and the press fawn over Clinton. Here is a man who disgraced the office of the president by having illicit sex with a young star struck girl. He lied about it and did not have the decency to resign the office. Liberals and, sorry to say many senior citizens, idolize him. How did he turn over a surplus to President Bush? When you fill out your taxes remember one thing: He taxed Social Security! As for outsourcing jobs, who enacted the NAFTA bill? Good old Billy Clinton, along with the House and Senate.

Nowhere in the Romney-Ryan campaign have they said they were going to eliminate Social Security or Medicare or Medicaid. How could you and the press and other people vote for someone whose only business acumen is being a community organizer? We are not in a recession; this is a depression that he has caused. Those who vote for him just want more free stuff.

Imagine, the poor get free cell phones with 250 minutes of time and it is paid for from Social Security and your phone and cable bill. How can any female keep having illegitimate children and get paid out of our taxes? This is why there is crime in our streets. Free stuff. This has to stop.

This country has to borrow 40 cents on every dollar that is paid out. We are on the verge of becoming another Spain. We are at the edge of this cliff and your president is worrying about Obamacare. Yes, vote for change and elect the Romney-Ryan ticket.

God bless America.

The writer lives in Pawleys Island.