Letters to the Editor

Vote no on ballot amendment

The devil is always in the details. In the case of the upcoming S.C. constitutional amendment that will be on the Nov. 6 ballot, the details are definitely the problem.

The first of four things the amendment would change is the way we elect the lieutenant governor. This by itself may be a positive thing. The other three things the

amendment does far outweigh the benefit of the first. Since the provision is not scheduled to take effect until 2018, we have plenty of time to reject this one, and have a “clean” one to vote on in 2014.

What is so bad about the rest of the amendment? I thought you would never ask.

It strips the executive branch from the little power it has in the Senate. Currently the lieutenant governor is the president of the Senate, and has the power to vote if there is a tie. The other changes in the amendment will place all power in the Senate. The last thing “We the people” need is for the legislature to gain more power. Vote no on the constitutional amendment; we can ask our legislators to propose a simple amendment with only the lieutenant governor part for the 2014 ballot. In fact, Sen. Tom Davis of Beaufort has pledged to do just that if this amendment is defeated. Vote No.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.