Letters to the Editor

Obama’s got a can’t do mentality

I’ve been reading the recent pro and con election related letters to the editor looking for information that defames the positions that the writers think their candidate has taken.

The letters written by Obama supporters basically told me what can’t be done, from their point of view, and the Romney supporters more often discussed what should and can be done.

We have just seen an example of the Obama can’t mentality with the handling of the situation in Libya, where four brave Americans died during seven hours of fighting while officials, in Washington, watched via cameras on drones flying overhead and these officials did not order in available support.

My personal career started as a junior draftsman and ended as a program manager and consultant teaching project management at NASA. To say that I’m comfortable with and been successful at evaluating plans, risks and budgets is an understatement. Many times throughout my career people told me “you can’t do that,” and after careful consideration I usually followed the subject plan and replied or thought, “Can’t never could and probably never will.”

The writer lives in North Myrtle Beach.