Letters to the Editor

Time for change on County Council; vote Boulter

My friend Patrick Boulter is running as a petition candidate for Horry County Council District 9. I have known Patrick for a number of years. He served as an air traffic controller in the Navy for five years. He has been a small businessman for over 30 years in Horry County. He has studied the proceedings and has become knowledgeable of the Horry County Council and its related boards. He seeks to better Horry County as a place to work and live.

I believe Patrick will study the issues, listen to the residents’ concerns and will vote the majority rule. I believe that he welcomes communication between himself and his residents and will strive to create a consensus among the council members, the legislative delegation, and forge a coalition to get things done in a more effective and efficient way.

The incumbent, Paul Prince, is a career politician. My question is “What has he effectively done for the residents of District 9?”

I support Patrick Boulter, petition candidate for Horry County District 9.

It is time for a change.

The writer lives in Conway.