Letters to the Editor

Vote Boulter for County Council

Is Horry County headed in the right direction? Horry County Council District 9 desperately needs someone who can study the issues and make educated and informed decisions. We need to have someone who is independent of special interests, who will stand up for the benefit of a majority of the residents and will fairly represent all interests whether the individual voted for him or not. District 9 is comprised of many small businesses and Boulter has owned and operated small businesses in Horry County for 30 years. He regularly attends county planning and zoning meetings, County Council meetings, board of appeal hearings, and has studied the issues and facts.

District 9 is losing small businesses at an alarming rate. An example of this is the downtown Loris with its vacant buildings. Certainly there are recreational facilities, however, what else has Paul Prince assisted with or caused to happen in the last 15 years to help create sustainable jobs in District 9. Get someone in Horry County District 9 who is knowledgeable, has the intellect, and can make an educated study of the issues facing the county for the next four years. Vote petition candidate Patrick Boulter.

The writer lives in Longs.