Letters to the Editor

Georgetown sales tax is a good deal for residents

The proposed new sales tax in Georgetown County is generating quite a bit of controversy among Georgetown voters, and it seems that most of the controversy involves the county’s Republican voters. If you were to judge by letters to the editor and outspoken public comments on the Neck, you might think that all Republicans oppose the sales tax amendment, and you would be dead wrong.

This sales tax amendment is a non-partisan issue and there was no real reason for the sales tax amendment to become partisan until certain opponents attached their party affiliation to their campaign and drove things in that direction. Frankly, as a lifetime, conservative Republican I was put out by being characterized as a “liberal Democrat” (as if it were a pejorative) simply because I have been active in a campaign for a new library on the Waccamaw Neck and support the sales tax amendment. I say this with respect for my liberal friends on the various committees who have worked with me for three years on the library project and who work tirelessly in many other ways to make Georgetown County a better place to live. This is not a Republican versus Democrat issue though some tea party activists seem determined to make it that way.

The purpose of the additional penny sales tax is to fund capital projects all over Georgetown County, to improve the lives of all citizens of the county and to do so in a relatively painless way via a sales tax increase on nonessential purchases. Passage of this amendment will guarantee much needed improvements for the Georgetown Port and will virtually assure that the county’s much maligned impact fees are repealed.

Many long time Republicans in the county support the sales tax amendment and the benefits that passage will bring to the county. I strongly object to the efforts of the people who are attempting to divide the citizens of the county over the new capital improvement plan, a plan that will benefit everyone in Georgetown County, irrespective of party affiliation or economic status.

The sales tax opponents don’t speak for me and they don’t speak for many other Republicans on the Waccamaw Neck. Whether you vote early or wait until Nov. 6, please vote yes on the sales tax amendment.

The writer lives in Pawleys Island.