Letters to the Editor

Vote Tinubu to keep nation from sliding backward

I hope everyone will vote for Gloria Tinubu for our representative from the new District 7on Tuesday.

This area sorely needs a more balanced point of view in Washington: that of a woman with the intelligence, background and experience to make a difference, and one who can speak to the concerns of all constituents.

Too long I have felt that no one in Washington represents me. My letters and petitions come back with messages that my concerns do not agree with their personal views, if I get a response at all.

We need someone who can stand up to the radical right that threatens to overthrow our hard-won personal liberties and substitute its religious views, just as extremists have done in the Middle East. I remember when young women enjoyed liberty in Iran, when girls regularly attended schools in Afghanistan – they were relegated back to chattel when extremists took over and imposed their will there. We can’t allow this to happen in the United States; and don’t be smug enough to think it can’t happen here.

This country was founded on rights for everyone, and over the years we’ve had to define and fight for those rights as we became conscious of the inequities of American life -- of the rights of slaves to be free; of women to own property and to vote; of African-Americans to attend common schools, sit at a lunch counter or drink from the same water fountain as white people; of men and women to organize unions for better working conditions; of women to have control over the number of babies they bring into the world; of veterans to be treated for injuries from their service.

We must not have fought these battles in vain; we mustn’t fall backward. Let us stand together to move upward from what we’ve accomplished so far. Vote for a woman who can help change the national will into a vision that includes not only jobs but a better life for all people.

The writer lives in Conway.