Letters to the Editor

Ryhal the right choice for Carolina Forest

Ten years ago I had the privilege of meeting Mike Ryhal. We were neighbors in New Jersey for three years before he moved his family to Carolina Forest. As a law enforcement officer, I was impressed by Mike’s dedication to his family, community and career. Mr. Ryhal was well respected by those who knew him.

Despite their relocation, our families stayed in touch. After I retired, I took the opportunity to relocate my family to Carolina Forest. It was great to get our families back together. As I watch the tactics used by his opponent in this race, my respect for Mike continues to grow. Regardless of the accusations and misrepresentations by Mr. DiSabato, Mike has stayed focused on his goal of representing this area.

We have the opportunity to elect a leader whose experience, commitment to family and community is unmatched. The inexperience of his opponent is obvious by his misguided accusations and misrepresentations. If you watched the recent interview with Tim McGinnis, our choice is obvious. I don’t believe being single and not having a family should be the foundation behind an individual’s reasoning as to why he would be a better representative.

Mr. Ryhal has demonstrated that he can manage family, community and business quite well. Mike, my family and I thank for your dedication.

The writers live in Myrtle Beach.