Letters to the Editor

Vote no on S.C. ballot question

Voters need to be informed about the question appearing on the Nov. 6 election ballot. The multi-part question innocently appears to ask whether or not the South Carolina Constitution should be changed to allow the governor and lieutenant governor to be elected together on the same ticket instead of electing them separately. The wording of the question also asks that the lieutenant governor no longer be president of the Senate. Instead, the Senate would elect one of its own members to preside over the Senate. That second part of the question must be fully understood by as many voters as possible.

The president of the Senate in South Carolina determines which bills will get hearings, readings, debates and votes. Our state legislature has earned its reputation for corruption. Now the Senate good ol’ boys club wants to grab more power for itself. With one of their own in charge, the senators will gain more control than what is currently provided by law. Any attempts at reform will diminish with the change of who becomes president of the Senate. The politicians win. South Carolinians lose.

For this reason, voters need to vote no on the Constitutional amendment question on Nov. 6.

The writer lives in Easley.