Letters to the Editor

Libyan attack a black mark on Obama

It is clear that this administration misled the American people for weeks about what they knew and when regarding the terrorist attack on Americans at the Libyan Embassy consulate where four great Americans lost their lives.

The fact that there was, and is, a coverup in place is indisputable. The gravity of these actions far exceed the Watergate break-ins, as we have an ambassador, two former Navy SEALs and another great American dead. This is a result of failed leadership and gross incompetence, yet there are uninformed citizens who will vote to re-elect this man.

It is utterly preposterous to me how anyone could support this man for president of our country and commander in chief of our troops. If you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t vote. If you believe in God, pray for wisdom about your opinions and your actions.

The writer lives in Little River.