Letters to the Editor

Republicans not behind U.S. values

Republicans talk about getting back to American values. At the peak of our nation’s growth, unions were strong and taxes were much higher.

The majority of Republicans strongly stand against both.

If you want real American values, support unions, support education, support higher taxes for the rich, support the freedom of religion for all religions, not just yours, support a government investing in our communities and our people not subsidies to oil companies earning record profits in the billions.

Republicans want freedom? Republicans are against gay rights, women’s rights.

Republicans want small constitutional government? Republicans want the Constitution to define marriage and establish a national religion.

Republicans want fiscal responsibility? There hasn’t been a Republican president that’s balanced the budget since Eisenhower in the ‘50s.

Republicans want to build the middle class? Republicans’ entire economic philosophy attacks unions and benefits the rich.

Republicans want to improve education? Republicans attack teachers unions, attempting to lower teachers benefits and pay, and have a candidate who says he doesn’t want more teachers, he wants less. He said class size doesn’t matter for quality of education.

If you support the Republican Party, you don’t understand the values on which this nation was founded.

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.