Letters to the Editor

DiSabato best choice for Carolina Forest

I ran into a great candidate the other day in Dennis DiSabato. Dennis is running for S.C. House District 56 in Carolina Forest. After talking with him I came away from our conversation knowing that he understood the struggles regular people were going through these days.

He spoke in great detail about relieving working families from over taxation. He was also very conscious of the role small business played in our community, and his goal was to help them expand by eliminating burdensome regulations. Dennis and I also had a great talk about transportation in our area and the need to invest in critical projects relating to U.S. 501.

Education was also on his radar, he seemed committed to finding ways to ensure more dollars reach the classroom and not the bureaucracy. All in all, I think Dennis brings a practical and common sense approach to government, and I believe he cares deeply about each person, that’s why I’m supporting him, and I hope other voters in Carolina Forest do the same.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.