Letters to the Editor

Wiegand a candidate you can trust

It is not often a candidate comes along you know you can trust. I can do this very thing, trusting a candidate, and he is my brother Bill Wiegand. Bill is a petition candidate running for S.C. House District 105, and I know first hand how hard he has been working to win the support of the district voters. Growing up with my brother was a pleasure. He is a good guy, we didn’t bicker often, and I am thankful for that as he was bigger and stronger than me.

Bill takes to heart the hardships, concerns and cares of people. You can always find him trying his best to improve our communities; he’s a member of the Kiwanis Club, church, civic, and fraternal groups. My brother Bill is a conscientious worker, striving hard to fulfill and complete whatever he undertakes; he’s honest, trustworthy, and you can count on him doing what he says he is going to do.

Knowing my brother to be a straight talking person, he isn’t going to say something he doesn’t believe, this is found at the strength of his character. I know voting for my brother Bill will be voting for a person of the people. He will do the job expected of him. Our mother and father instilled into us the good values of helping whoever need our assistance, and to be above all good citizens respecting the rights of others.

My brother Bill is a good person; give him the consideration of your vote on Nov. 6. And remember Bill is a petition candidate and doesn’t run on any political party line. I urge you not to vote straight party line but for the petition candidate on the ballot; and please remember to vote for my brother Bill Wiegand, a candidate I know you can trust.

The writer lives in Conway.