Letters to the Editor

Support Mike Ryhal in District 56

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to meet Mike Ryhal, candidate for the House of Representatives, District 56. My first impression of him was that he was someone who easily connected with people. Shortly thereafter, I learned he was being sued by his opponent, Dennis DiSabato. I decided to attend the hearing which was held in Conway. The hearing revealed that Mr. DiSabato had previously tried twice to have Mr. Ryhal removed from the ballot. Mr. DiSabato’s efforts were rejected by the Ethics Commission as well as the Election Commission.

After two days of hearings, the judge agreed with the previous findings of the Election Commission. While Mr. DiSabato never testified, Mr. Ryhal was thoroughly questioned under oath. In his ruling, the judge stated that he found the testimony to be “credible and believable,” and ruled in Mr. Ryhal’s favor.

I find it disturbing that Mr. DiSabato continues to keep the option of appealing the judge’s decision open! In a recent debate, Mr. DiSabato stated that he hadn’t made a decision regarding an appeal, since the judge’s order hadn’t been filed.

Attorney DiSabato, the order was filed three weeks ago on Oct. 5 with the clerk of courts. You may want to pay attention to the judge’s last comment, “This court has faith in the election process and trusts the voters to choose the person they want to represent them from these two qualified candidates.” My question to you is, are you willing to respect the voters’ decision?

It’s time we stop playing games with our justice system. The taxpayers are not interested in sending an attorney to Columbia who demonstrates such a disregard for our judicial system and continues to waste their hard earned money for his personal gain. It is time we support an experienced individual with a solid business background who will stop the wasteful spending and bring integrity to the legislative branch.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.