Letters to the Editor

Immigration most pressing issue to come

Regardless of the outcome of the presidential election, one issue will wend its way into and through the weeks and months thereafter. No, not the fiscal cliff so many are talking about, although I do think Obama, irrespective of his defeat, will allow this death spiral to careen into a recession in January anyway. No, it’s immigration. Obama promised in his off-the-record then on-the-record interview with the Des Moines Register, that it will be a matter front and center in his second term agenda.

However, should Mitt Romney win the presidency, he will be brought under intense pressure to address the issue, especially since Obama has already granted by executive fiat an estimated 800,000 illegal aliens the first step toward amnesty in granting them virtual asylum and work permits for two years.

Dennis Prager, columnist and radio talk show host, made an insightful observation not long ago: “In order to do good personally, and in order to support social policies that do good, what humans need even more than a good heart … is wisdom.”

The proponents of amnesty for illegals have good intentions, so they tell us, and even the Christian clergy have gone so far as to meld their support into a religious guilt trip for the noncompliant faithful.

The past, as they say, will necessarily repeat itself when its lessons are ignored. So consider where it is that wisdom, and not a fuzzy good feeling, will take you after considering the following facts: The Immigration and Reform Act of 1986 claimed legislatively to solve two pressing issues, the security of our southern border with Mexico and the plight of illegal aliens, estimated then to be 2.3 million. Good intentions, wrapped in sympathy, compassion and hospitality, overwhelmed wisdom and resulted in an ever-increasing cost of billions to our border states and nation.

Our southern border is as insecure today as it was in 1986. In fact, the drug related slaughter of innocents in Mexico has spilled over into Arizona and New Mexico. And now we have an estimated 22 million illegals burdening our state and federal budgets.

Undoubtedly many readers will label me a racist, a nationalist, even an un-Christian Christian. I will probably be branded an uncaring, and ruthlessly insensitive advocate of American exceptionalism. So be it. I cannot ignore the facts that starkly expose the detrimental consequences to our nation that amnesty for illegals has and will visit upon our nation, all in the name of national good will, Christian charity, and humanism.

The writer lives in Carolina Shores, N.C.