Letters to the Editor

Romney falls short on foreign policy

Did Mitt Romney sound like a “Commander in Chief” in the last debate? To my ear, he sounded more like a college kid cramming all week for the big final exam. When he said, “Syria is Iran’s gateway to the sea,” I almost choked. First, Syria and Iran do not even share a border; second, Northern Iran sits on the Caspian Sea, so they already have a “gateway.” Duh.

Mitt Romney may be a good bean counter, but he is vapid when it comes to foreign policy and diplomacy. There are incredibly dangerous people out there plotting to destroy us. A commander in chief must be strong, knowledgeable and assertive when making life and death decisions that affect not only the United Sates, but the entire world. The fact that Mitt Romney has surrounded himself with the same neo-conservative crooks of the Bush administration, who will be the ones to fill this void in Mr. Romney’s resume, is very disturbing to me. No, make that terrifying.

The writer lives in Sunset Beach, N.C.