Letters to the Editor

Pink uniforms part of caring campaign

Re Oct. 21 letter by Paul Kokoski, “Leave pink out of football”

This guy does not understand what breast cancer is all about. Has his family ever been involved with a member having breast cancer? I doubt it! This is not a radical feminist group that started this, it is caring Americans. The Susan G. Komen foundation has raised millions of dollars and that money has made some real progress against eradication of the disease. Sorry our friend from the north is so uninformed. By the way, the guys dressed in pink hit just as hard as anyone else on the field.

Now why do taxpayers have to pay for contraceptives and pay for abortions? These are personal decisions just like college. You pay for it, don’t ask me to do it. What is wrong with our country? It needs to be fixed and give the responsibility back to the people, not the government.

The writer lives in Surfside Beach.