Letters to the Editor

No better than four years ago

Are you better off now than you were four years ago? Are you safer?

Of course not! And another four years of the Obama administration will make things much worse. It makes no effective difference whether President Obama is incredibly inept or purposely bent on destroying America as we have known it.

He said that his aim was to “fundamentally transform America.” He has been very successful in doing that so far. Not since the Great Depression have we ever been so long getting out of a recession. By all measures except the stock market, as measured in deflated dollars, we are worse off than when Obama took office.

He has practically destroyed the respect of the world for America by his continued ridiculous apologies to foreign countries, disrespect of allies, fawning over enemies and his every action weakening our economic capability. He further intends to hollow our military defenses after reneging on providing anti-missile defense capabilities to friends.

The establishment media as a whole is overwhelmingly leftist and supporting Obama’s re-election with misinformation and not reporting or diminishing the importance of his administration’s continued policies and actions repressing the resurgence of America’s economy and international respect. They also discredit other sources from which people can get other information, including Fox News and well-known conservative spokesmen that often show videos of the events they report. This all keeps people in the dark and is very dangerous to our country.

Chamberlain’s appeasement encouraged Hitler to move forward toward what became World War II. Iran’s continued development of atomic bombs and their likely deployment to terrorists also brings to mind the anti-Goldwater television campaign ad showing a little girl counting petals as she plucks them from a flower until her count is changed into a 9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 countdown and ends with a moving picture of an exploding atomic bomb. Continued Obama policies of ineffective attempted appeasement, “leading from behind” and abandonment of “strength through power” could well lead to such an awful result.

What can we do that is effective? Yard signs in our yards are obviously of no help in persuading those in other states. Repeated cold calls from phone banks may well be resented, especially with the advent of robo-calls. But people may still respond to phone calls or discussions with people they personally know and respect.

Those of us who personally know people in other states, especially “battleground” states such as Ohio, Florida and Virginia, might try to help them become better informed and encourage them to talk to their personal friends also.

In the unlikely event that Obama wants to strengthen the economy so we can be able to provide the opportunities that America has always offered and resume our capability to defend the free world, he and his minions don’t have a clue how to do so. Romney knows how and has the will to do so.

We have little better than a week until the election. America is at stake.

The writer lives in Surfside Beach.