Letters to the Editor

Romney jeopardizes the American dream

As I was driving out of Wal-Mart behind an older Asian made SUV, I noted a Romney-Ryan sticker.

Up the road this older SUV with the RR sticker turned into a 55-plus retirement community development area, and I thought what is wrong with this picture? Is this person brain dead, brainwashed or just delusional?

How can anyone over 55 who is retired, in the 99 percent and surviving on Medicare and Social Security benefits ever support or vote for the RR ticket? It defies logic to vote against yourself.

The two R’s don’t even understand the three R’s, “Readin’, Ritin’ and Rithmetic.” These two R’s obviously have not read much about the social responsibility of people helping people, of a government to support all its citizens, nor have they written much except about money, money, money and how to build your own personal wealth at the expense of others. And especially they must have never passed a simple math test since all of their financial plans and proposals for a fiscally responsible government will decimate the middle class, the 99 percent, and increase the country’s deficit and severely reduce the living standards of the middle class while increasing the obscene wealth of the 1 percent, raising their yachts as they drown the 99 percent of us in more debt.

How can you trust the two R’s (Romney and Ryan) to help the middle class to achieve the so called American dream? Or is this dream just a fantasy of the 99 percent, but now, per the Romney-Ryan policies, only available to the 1 percent?

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.