Letters to the Editor

Our U.S. liberties are being thrown away

Keep drinking the Kool-Aid, folks. Joyfully dance, turn up the music and sing loudly so as to mute the whistle of the train, the clicking of the rails and the screams of our forefathers as they load your American liberties. Your parents’ hard work and your children’s futures are loaded into box cars and carried quickly to their demise by our president and his socialist beltway express.

Not conservative or liberal, think about live video streaming into the Beltway of our Embassy burning, our Americans being killed and brave Marines on another mission rushing and giving their lives to help defend our citizens while our politicians watched it unfold before their eyes only thinking about their re-election and how best to present it to the American public. Do you smell coverup?

Do you think JFK or RR would have stood by and watch this happen? I don’t think so. Be sure to vote. D.C. needs a cleaning.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.