Letters to the Editor

Afghanistan, safer than Chicago?

Re Oct. 19 column by Issac Bailey, “It’s always the black ones”

Mr. Bailey and I have corresponded over the years via email and on his blog. Most of our discussions revolve around politics. I acknowledge that he is a good writer but he has the uncanny ability to twist numbers to his side of the discussion. I would like to see his definition of black youth. Is it the 16-19 age groups that he identifies? Or is it the 20-35 groups we see in the newspaper? Mr. Bailey may be twisting some numbers when he uses Chicago as an example.

Mr. Bailey tells us that we just perceive that there is more black crime, that it is incorrect to believe that wanton killing in Chicago has not decreased. We just have the wrong perception. Just an update. In 2012 so far this year there have been 400 murders in Chicago. In Afghanistan during 2012 there have been 260 deaths among our troops. The perception would be that our troops are safer in Afghanistan than in Chicago. I wonder if Mr. Bailey would agree with that observation.

The writer lives in Little River.