Letters to the Editor

Vote Bert Von Herrmann in District 105

After hearing the debate this week among the District 105 candidates, I decided that Bert Von Herrmann had the most experience and expertise to represent us in Columbia. The clincher for me was when Bert stated that he would get drug addicts off the public assistance dole by having them take a drug test in order to be eligible. If workers have to have a drug test to work, so should people on public assistance whom the workers support. The Bible says that if one doesn’t work, one doesn’t eat. Even most retirees work as volunteers and give back to their communities.

I think that Bert has the leadership and experience to best represent us at this time. Bert has years of experience in the solicitor’s office and now has his own law firm. He also has two small boys in whom he has vested interest for their future and ours.

The writer lives in Conway.