Letters to the Editor

Please don’t vote a straight ticket in this election

Voting a straight ticket is a faster process, but is it the best way to select candidates? As we have seen in the 2008 elections, almost 50 percent of voters pressed the button for straight party to avoid spending time looking at all the candidates.

Petition candidates deserve as much consideration as incumbents. They have put as much time and money (or more) in seeking election for their district. They have had some problems with their party in regards to filing procedure notifications, which makes you wonder if those in power are trying to protect the incumbent … just saying.

I ask the voters of Horry County’s 6th district to take a look at Mr. Marvin Heyd for Horry County Council. He has been an outstanding community leader, an experienced businesses leader, and a man of integrity. His accomplishments include assisting with the construction of the Socastee library, Socastee recreation park, and the Horry County Governmental & Judicial Building. He was also instrumental in implementing the first stormwater ordinance plan and the first tree ordinance plan. Mr. Heyd served six years in the U.S. Marines and with the Secret Service in the Presidential Protection Division. His opponent, Robert Grabowski, has been on the council since 2004 and shows very few accomplishments and seems to rely more on people bringing him ideas than on presenting his own. Socastee Boulevard is a section with drug and alcohol problems along with many closed businesses. Mr. Grabowski is on the Public Safety committee and says the answer is adding more police officers.

We need a proactive candidate to lead District 6, and that is Marvin Heyd.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.