Letters to the Editor

Obama did not build it, but he broke it

I have owned a small business since 1990 and always believed that hard work and sacrifice was the only way to get ahead. I am a contractor in the construction business, where risk reward is a part of the equation. If I needed money I would put my house up as collateral and risk losing everything if things did not go right.

Never has the government given me a dime and I have never asked for help from government. I did it myself with help from my employees. If things went well I made money; if not I lost money, regrouped and tried again. One trait all small business owners have is eternal optimism; we believe in hard work and sacrifice and that by working harder than my competition we would reap the benefits. We believe in a better tomorrow because of our work ethic. The roads I drive on were paid for by the taxes I paid, not by the government. My taxes pay the president, not the other way around.

How many days did I have to miss family functions to make things work? How many sleepless nights have I had worrying about making payroll for the week? For the president to say I did not build it is an insult never to be forgiven and a slap in the face to all small business owners who have sacrificed like I have.

Four years ago, Obama spoke of hope and change. He said that he would help Main Street and the mom and pop shops that employ more people than big business. Then he went out and bailed out banks and auto manufacturers and did nothing for small business. Four years later and I have lost hope and want change and that means getting rid of him and his failed policies.

My business has been almost destroyed in the last four years. I have gone from 10 employees to just me and one worker. I have gone from five or six jobs a week to if I’m lucky one a week. I have gone from a good living to wondering how I will feed my family. Is this the hope and change Obama promised?

If Obama worked for me he would have been fired for not performing his job as specified when he was hired. Obama’s policies are a complete failure and now he wants another term so he can finish what he started. I and the rest of America cannot afford another four years of Obama, but he just doesn’t seem to get it. Is his ego so big and is he so delusional that he actually believes that we are better off than before he came into office?

It boggles the mind that he can say that we are. By the way, I did vote for him and for that I apologize to the American people. I ask all Americans but especially small business owners to make sure that Obama does not get another chance to finish what he started, because if he gets another four years, America will never recover and will become no more than another third world country.

Like I said, Obama did not build it, but he most certainly broke it.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.