Letters to the Editor

Why are we condemning Lance Armstrong?

I don’t know why so much is being done to condemn Lance Armstrong. First, he’s never admitted to doping. It’s all hearsay, there’s no proof he did dope, only the words of others. Second, so what if he did? At this point the whole cycling community was doping away! Doping has little to do with drug use. Rather, it’s taking your own blood, storing it, and having it put back into your system before an event. Is it cheating when all the competitors are also doing it?

Thirdly, this man took his fame and earnings and gave so much back! He gave hope to cancer victims; why make an example of him? He did more good than bad! Yet we continue to allow true criminals like Michael Vick, convicted of heinous animal abuse, shine on to become idols for our children. What about all the other NFL, MLB and NBA players who are convicted of domestic abuse, drug use, murder? Let’s start making examples of them instead of gently turning the other cheek and lifting them back up.

I think it’s a real pity that we continue to be a society that takes its genuine heroes and does all that it can to dispose of them while glorifying the hoodlums.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.