Letters to the Editor

Nation was built by personal effort, not handouts

Re Oct. 23 letter by Larry Gates, “Romney election would hurt rest of us.”

Mr. Gates states that if Romney is elected, “we will be living in a different type of country than we, our parents, or our grandparents have ever experienced before.”

Apparently, Mr. Gates has forgotten (or never knew) that America was built by people that recognized the quaint notions of personal responsibility and incentive and not by whiners that want the government to take care of their every need. The great democratic liberal JFK realized that the heavily progressive tax system of his time exerted too heavy a drag on growth and reduced the financial incentives for personal effort, investment and risk taking. The personal efforts he was describing are the ones that create the jobs that can alleviate poverty.

Today’s Democrats just can’t seem to grasp that the immense power of individual effort is defeated by onerous taxes and incomprehensible regulations like Obamacare.

The writer lives in Pawleys Island.