Letters to the Editor

Obama or Christian, the choice is yours

President Obama has publicly stated that America is no longer just a Christian nation. “We are no longer a Christian nation,” he said in 2006. He went on to say that we are also a nation of Muslims, Buddhists, etc.

If re-elected he will be proven correct. A Christian cannot vote for a president and a party that has sanctioned and embraced same-sex marriage and abortion and seriously believe that he or she is a Christian.

Both protestant and Catholic leaders have advised their followers that to vote for a political party that condones practices that God condemns is an affront to the God of the Bible. Franklin Graham said that Obama shook his fist at God when he publicly embraced same-sex marriage. The Rev. Billy Graham has endorsed Mitt Romney for president for these reasons.

There are 247 million people who identify themselves as Christian, more than enough to elect Romney and a Republican Congress.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.