Letters to the Editor

Help keep kids warm this winter

The winter season will soon be upon the Grand Strand with the usual chilly and cold nights. At last, we will not suffer from the warm and humid nights with the accompanying artificial temperature control of air-conditioning. However, for our normal comfort, the upcoming cold and chilly nights require extra warm blankets to ward off the uncomfortable and unhealthy chilliness that goes along with the drop in nighttime temperatures.

Every winter season there is a sad and unhealthy situation confronting a group of young disadvantaged children residing in the Grand Strand. Unfortunate family circumstances require that they sleep on the floor of their homes at night without the so-called luxury of blankets or pillows. Sadly, the circumstances could be worse in that some of these children must sleep in the family automobile because the family is homeless. These disadvantaged children are not tucked in at night with bedtime stories, prayers, and a soft pillow and under warm blankets or a comforter.

They sleep on the hard floor in the clothes they wore that day covered by newspapers. An outstanding charitable organization possesses the skills to provide aid to these needy children.

Donations of kid size sleeping bags, unused blankets, or cash can be made to the following organization:

Help 4 Kids

12053B U.S. 17 Bypass

Garden City Beach, SC 29576


The writer lives in Pawleys Island.