Letters to the Editor

Be afraid: Obama’s trying to take control

Re Oct. 14 column by Mande Wilkes, “The real reason Jews are liberals”

Ms. Wilkes’ opening statement displays a total misunderstanding of Jewish reverence toward God and what he has done for them by choosing them.

The article that followed also showed a total misunderstanding about who in this race stands for the type of government she fears. The fact that she does not speak for all Jews is evidenced by the following quote from The Jewish Voice, an Orthodox Jewish newspaper from New York City. Columnist Aliza Davidovit wrote on Aug. 3: “Maybe it’s time to ask a modified version of Golda Meir’s famous question: Do you hate Mitt Romney more than you love Israel? Now go cast your vote.”

There is no doubt that there are large groups of people who have suffered past afflictions and have ample reason to fear government. Let us look at some of the reasons that she and others worry. In the 1800s, slavery occurred. In the 1920s, communism was introduced to Russia and the government took control of everyone’s life for the “common” good. In the 1930s, the German government insidiously introduced laws that control every walk of life.

Fast forward to 2009. Obama and his unelected czars are trying to control every aspect of American life. All of them are dangerous to our freedom. Where is the fear? It’s like boiling a frog. It’s always slow and painless, i.e. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s efforts to control Jewish rites. What’s next? When Obama is finished fighting with the Catholics, what are the chances that your group is next?

Another group that is even more affected is the black grade school child in a failing school with an incompetent teacher protected by the union. If you are you need to understand that if that child does not get the basics in the first four years, the American Dream is virtually lost to them. And yet, just like the majority of the Jews in America, black America follows the “herd” mentality and votes for the very party which keeps them “in their place” and controls their vote.

We need to understand, there is only one party in this race which seeks to control every aspect of your life. We really need to understand and fear what is going on in Chicago and Washington today.

Toward the end of her article Ms. Wilkes talks about Jewish money. I would ask her to consider how much good that did for a Jew in 1938 who thought a “controlling” government was not a threat to them.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.