Letters to the Editor

Make the right choice: Not Obama

Re Oct. 22 letter by Daniel Zamos, “1936 election offers example for us”

Zamos made the statement, “If we make the wrong choice we have only ourselves to blame.” I agree that statement is correct, and that is why we must make the right choice. President Barack Hussein Obama has squandered billions of our dollars to companies like Solyndra, shut down offshore drilling in Louisiana, and the pipeline from Canada to Texas. He has given Brazil $2 billion to help develop its offshore drilling. Yet we cannot drill offshore Louisiana.

Barack Hussein Obama said “everything would be transparent”; yet he has spent millions to hide his records. Where is the trransparency? Our security has been wrecked, Libya being such a great loss of our four good American men. It seems that “eye candy” Barack, as he called himself on “The View,” seven or eight days after our men were killed, still did not tell us that it was a terrorist attack. We do not expect every detail, but we do expect the truth.

We have been disrespected as intelligent Americans. We will never forget Sept. 11 and our country will always be on guard. It seems our president has golfed, made himself known in Hollywood, apologized for us, given our money away, hasn’t found time for a budget, but has campaigned constantly for the past four years. America cannot afford four more years of Barack Hussein Obama.

The writers live in Conway.