Letters to the Editor

Gloria Tinubu supports privacy rights for women

Women in the 7th Congressional District have a stark choice on Nov. 6. Gloria Bromell Tinubu believes that women should make their own health care decisions in consultation with medical professionals and clergy. Intimate personal decisions surrounding contraception, pregnancy and abortion should not be made by legislators, police officials, judges or even religious leaders.

Dr. Tinubu stands firm on protecting a woman’s right to choose the best health options for herself and her family. In contrast, her opponent -- endorsed by the National Right to Life Committee -- promotes anti-choice policies which would strip women of their privacy, block access to necessary medical services and allow complete strangers to determine whether or when women can use birth control or continue unwanted pregnancies.

Certainly many women share my memories of when birth control was illicit and abortions were illegal. We cannot go backward. Vote forward! Elect Gloria Bromell Tinubu to Congress.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.