Letters to the Editor

Catholic church has no right to judge on social issues

Re Oct. 23 letter by Michael DiMartino, “Democrats attack teachings of church”

This is not a political issue -- it’s a human issue. I have no interest in anything the Catholic church has to say on social issues. For years they allowed the children of the church to be molested and it continues until today, the church moved the offending priest from one parish to another, covered up the atrocities and protected the pedophiles. Until the perpetrators of the cover-up are brought to justice, until the church pedophiles are brought to justice, the Catholic church has lost their right to speak on social issues.

And please don’t compare the use of contraceptives, gay marriage and women’s right to make their own decision about their bodies with the vile and evil pedophiles the church at the highest level chose to protect.

The writer lives in North Myrtle Beach.