Letters to the Editor

Nonsmoking bars in North Myrtle Beach such a relief

Let me tell you about a wonderful experience in the nonsmoking, sports bar restaurant area of the Grand Strand, North Myrtle Beach. I had heard of this phenomenon, but, had stuck with my Myrtle Beach businesses until my lungs could take no more. I have lived on the Grand Strand for 30 years and in the city of Myrtle Beach for 15 years. The city of Myrtle Beach restaurant and sport bar businesses allowed total smoking or smoking sections. There is no sports bar section without the smoking smell. I was told cigarette smoking was good for business in Myrtle Beach. No and not true.

On Saturday, I ventured to North Myrtle Beach due to a number of friends and local sports enthusiasts saying that the sports bars there have no smoking. I love college football. And guess what? My friends are correct, no smoking. The City Council of North Myrtle Beach passed into law a nonsmoking ordinance for their sport bars.

I watched several games, had delicious food, and enjoyed the camaraderie of other sport enthusiasts. And guess what? No smoke. My food did not smell like smoke. I could breathe. I did not have to hang outside or wash my clothes immediately upon returning home. And I did not have to take a shower after returning home for fear of filling my home with secondhand smoke. What a wonderful day! Unfortunately, one of my football teams won and one lost. But I did not reek of smoke and the funny headache was not there.

I guess some far-sighted, future-looking and greater community-minded City of North Myrtle Beach council members want the healthy tourist and locals trade as opposed to smoke-filled TV and pool rooms. And guess what? The bars were packed. I checked out a second sports bar and it was packed and the bar was very, very busy.

You know where I am going to party and pay for my sporting tastes in the future. North Myrtle Beach is the smoke-free place to be for me.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.