Letters to the Editor

Campaign spending is out of control

I cannot believe that the American people would condone an election process in which more than a billion dollars are spent on the circus we have encountered this year. I realize they say it is from contributions, but there are so many citizens that are in dire need and this is a slap in the face to them.

Put a reasonable dollar limit on spending and get on with it. Discuss the issues and be done with it. And no one should be elected to be a senator, congressman and especially a president unless they have served in the military. By doing so, they would have a little insight of what our military has to go through and this would lead to more support for our active and retired veterans in the way of pay and benefits they have earned to defend our freedom.

Bring back a draft system. You want to live here and share the freedom in this great country, then make it mandatory to serve our country for at least two years. Instead of giving people a free ride for welfare and food stamps let them be productive and serve the country for the benefits. Thank you, to all past and present military members, for giving us freedom today.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.