Letters to the Editor

Federal budget better than four years ago? I don’t think so

Just over a month ago, I questioned what planet Isaac Bailey was from when he wrote that the last 31/2 years under Obama was better than before Obama.

Now in his Oct. 17 column he states that the deficit has dropped during Obama’s first term! Again I ask just what planet is Mr. Bailey from and what kind of math do they teach?

$16 trillion and growing and he says it has gotten better. Better for whom? China and the others who are collecting billions and billions of dollars interest? He really can’t believe that statement or is he like Obama, who must believe that telling a lie over and over will make people believe it.

In the recent debate, Obama said several times that he reduced middle income taxes 17 times while in office. Not being a Democrat who believes everything he hears, I called my tax preparer to question that statement. “Not that I’ve ever seen” was his response. But I guess that facts have never gotten in the way of the way a totalitarian Democrat thinks.

Just recently, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took one for team Obama saying she was to blame for the security lapse resulting in the Sept. 11, 2012, attack that killed four Americans including the U.S. Ambassador to Libya. Under that thinking, I guess I’m to blame for the weather.

It took several weeks for Obama to admit it was a terrorism attack, all the while saying it was in protest of some film by an American. The day after the attack Obama went to Las Vegas for a fundraiser. (I guess raising money is more important than telling the truth about his failure in foreign affairs.)

Again, just what planet was Isaac Bailey born on and just what kind of math did they teach him?

The writer lives in Ocean Isle Beach, N.C.

Editor’s note: Both Mr. Barner and Issac Bailey are correct. While the national debt has grown to more than $16 trillion, the annual budget deficit has decreased each year since 2009.