Letters to the Editor

Tinubu has everything needed to lead new district

My first taste of politics was a participant in a New England town meeting. Since then, I have been an avid follower of our national politics. As a 70-plus citizen, I have seen many elections. I have had many different representatives in the Congress for whatever state I was living at the time. This upcoming election, for our new congressional district, has the most outstanding individual running that I have seen.

Gloria Bromell Tinubu is running for a seat in a very diverse district. We have areas that depend on tourism. There are areas that are dependent on agriculture. We are attracting an aging retired population from many different states. We are also residents of a wonderful natural environment that needs protection. South Carolina’s education is in great need of improvement. Also, and most important, we need to grow our economy to create new jobs.

Each of these areas are important and most congressional districts have someone who is very knowledgeable in only one or two areas. Gloria has the education and a record of public service that show she is capable of helping to solve all these areas. Gloria has a master’s degree in agricultural economics and a Ph.D. in applied economics. She has served as an educator in high school and on the college level. She also successfully served in leadership positions in several colleges and universities.

Gloria showed her political skills serving in state government in Georgia. She worked with members of both parties to accomplish improvement for the citizens she represented. She has served on many committees that worked on job creation and small business development.

Before you vote in the election, read what Gloria has accomplished and what her opponent has done as I did. It convinced me that Gloria Bromell Tinubu is our best choice to represent us in Congress.

The writer lives in Pawleys Island.