Letters to the Editor

Obama can unite us

It seems as if presidential candidate Romney’s numbers might be growing. After all, our president’s showing in the first debate seemed rather weak. Weakness is not a favorable trait in leaders. Inasmuch as weakness is mostly defined as a medical symptom, it is hard to pin down, factually, how this could stand in a leader’s way. We have, after all, had one president confined to a wheelchair whose leadership pulled the country out of the Great Depression, and led us into and out of a war. So it is easy to surmise how confidentiality is a sign of strength. Not waving superiority, real or perceived, around. So it can be said leaders are not weak, but simultaneously are not boastful, or brazen in regards to their strengths.

What a quandary that presents us with. We are faced with choices in a presidential election. Our choices are our current President Barack Obama, a man who tells us that he’s working on this financial debacle that he took office during. Then the other choice is Mitt Romney. He’s the man who tells us, repeatedly, he can fix this financial mess. Gov. Romney has shared his economic plan, Believe in America: Mitt Romney’s Plan for Jobs and Economic Growth. It is less detailed than the president’s budget and is thus subject to greater interpretation. The core of the plan is cutting both taxes and spending. It needs be highlighted that the overall spending cut is the net result of increases in defense spending coupled with larger cuts to nondefense spending. The tax cuts would provide fiscal support while the spending cuts would be contractionary. The degree to which the Romney plan would, as a whole, spur or retard economic activity, however, is highly dependent on assumptions about the financing of its tax cuts.

The United States of America’s future hinges on the man we put in our highest office Nov. 6, 2012. Do we want a president who can keep things confidential, like FDR kept the Manhattan Project? I think we can all look at our Navy SEALs’ eradication of Bin Laden to say who holds that ability.

The United States of America’s future also hinges on what the American people are told about economic choices that will affect them. Are you comfortable without specifics for an economic plan laid out by a fellow who mentally divides our country up?

The United States of America’s future also hinges on equality, and the whole country’s mental perception of that word. Income, assets, level of education, and skills should not separate us; they should unite us in recognizing we are all essential to this country. It should propel each and every one of us registered to vote, to go vote. Please vote, if for no other reason than to maintain the unity in our name.

The writer lives in Loris.