Letters to the Editor

Careful analysis promotes Romney

As we approach Election Day, some truths become more evident.

First, one of the great strengths of our political system is the multi-party system, which allows and encourages opposing views to be heard.

Second, one of the great weaknesses of our political system is that only two parties (Republicans and Democrats) are strong. Neither of these parties is interested in what is good for America. They are interested only in what is good for their view of America, primarily at the expense of everyone else.

Third, those people interested in the good of America represent only a low percentage of Americans. If we use the 47 percent figure, which is probably as good and accurate figure available, only 6 percent of Americans are truly interested in what is good for America, as 47 percent of voters would not vote Republican, and 47 percent of voters would not vote Democrat. In each case, these preferences would hold through regardless of the obvious positives and/or negatives attributable to their candidate.

Fourth, because of the existing conditions above, we will have only a choice of the lesser of two evils from which to select. It is truly sad to see the extent to which the campaigns go to spin the obvious negatives of their candidates, or to hide behind semantics and half truths on important issues that might jeopardize their position with the voters.

My vote, and the votes of the 6 percent, will reflect the positives, negatives and values of the candidates. Positives: Romney has proven able to work a successful bipartisan approach to a beneficial legislation (health care in Massachusetts), and has a successful track record in business. Obama doesn't seem to have any record of success that I've heard of. Negatives: Romney may have leanings toward the wealthier segment of the population, but Obama has many – his continuing escalation of the national debt, his constant budget deficit, his growing abuse of entitlements, his inability to work with the rest of government. Values: Romney is definitely compassionate with people on a personal level and, as we have seen based on a comparison of tax records, much more generous to charities than both Obama and Biden. Obama seems to be much more interested in meeting with movies stars and making appearances on TV than with dealing the matters of the office of the presidency.

Who to vote for? A vote for Romney will probably grow jobs, reduce government, get foreign policy back on track, balance the budget and reduce debt. A vote for Obama will probably continue to increase entitlement abuse, budget deficits, our debt and foreign policy problems. Because I don't want to mortgage the future of our children and future generations of children, and I want America to regain its position as a prosperous and important nation, I will vote for Romney.

The writer lives in North Myrtle Beach.