Letters to the Editor

Taxi company trying to outfox system

You recently published an opinion from Parnell Diggs (Oct. 9, “Restrict taxi ordinance will ruin company”), who represented himself as a friend of a taxi company that is run by two blind people. Actually he is their attorney and they are not liking the fact that the Myrtle Beach City Council is proposing an ordinance that would level the playing field for all the taxi owners and drivers in Myrtle Beach.

They have been given many advantages by registering as a handicapped owner but are trying to use their advantage unfairly. They are circumventing the laws by running shuttles and limos as cabs. LS plates and insurance are much cheaper and medallions are unnecessary. This is the reason they bought vans. We aren’t going after their contracted business, which is what you use vans for, golf outings, large groups, etc. They want to be able to wait on a taxi line and flag people in the street and have used the vans for one or two passengers. The city said they can’t and they don’t like it. We all have to obey the laws and we all have the right to make a decent living.

There is no lack of service for passengers in Myrtle Beach. There isn’t enough business for everyone as it is and for one company to want to swallow the whole pie is outrageous. By passing this ordinance, the city will be helping small business owners and I commend them for that.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.