Letters to the Editor

Broad, unsupported statements don’t help discussion

In his letter of Oct. 17 (“Follow Golden Rule at ballot box”), Mr. Dave Rudnicki states that Mitt Romney “didn’t get rich by being nice to the little guys.”

Here’s another example of an equally broad and unfair statement: “Little guys” are just too shiftless to get out and work.

Apparently personal wealth is indisputable evidence of fraud, or at least mistreatment, to Mr. Rudnicki. Consider this: Mitt Romney has been a public figure for decades with more than a few competitors and opponents. If he were truly an evil person, it would have been widely known by now.

Maybe Mr. Romney became wealthy by just finding profitable ways to provide goods and services in competitive markets to lots of “little guys” who freely chose to come back for more. If they felt mistreated, his customers wouldn’t have come back. The evidence seems to fit that description better.

Poorly supported sweeping libelous statements do nothing for either side here.

The writer lives in Conway.