Letters to the Editor

Creationism trumps science

Sincerest thanks to Raymond H. Kocot for his Oct. 8 letter, “Science vs. creation views”

It’s a great loss that Dr. Wesley Allen’s teachings as to why sustained scientific development occurs first in the Christian environment haven’t been published. The message deserves to be spread beyond Dr. Allen’s college chemistry course at the University of Georgia. .

As 98-year-old Dr. Ernst Mayer, 1958 winner of the Darwin Gold Medal, so clearly states on page 99 of his book “What Evolution Is,” published in 2002: “Some genes affect the segregation of alleles during meiosis in a heterozygote such that the allele of one parental chromosome goes to the gametes in more than half of the instances. If this allele controls the unfit phenotype, it will be selected.”

Insight such as that doesn’t come from the Muslim, pagan, or animist mind. While we Christians -- and Jews were kind of like Christians in early times -- have spent the past 6,000 years developing geometry, philosophy, medicine and literature, the non-Christian world sat back and reaped the benefits of our superior grasp of the nature of science. Francis Bacon, Isaac Newton and Michael Faraday didn’t seek the scientific groundwork laid in Egypt and Greece. Heck, those early so-called scholars couldn’t even speak English. These great Christian scientists referred to the Bible in preparing themselves to advance our knowledge of the nature of things.

We know from numerous passages in the Bible that the Earth is the center of the universe. Frauds like Copernicus and Galileo were exposed by the Pope. When theories are at odds with Christian teachings, those theories are wrong. That’s the way it’s been for 6,000 years.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.