Letters to the Editor

GOP-fueled fears lack substance

Re Oct. 14 letter by Delores L. Darrigo, “Current election a turning point in our future”

I am always open to another’s opinion but that of Ms. Darrigo is really perplexing. She applies all the appropriate tea party and conservative trigger words: Marxist, socialism and communism. She seems a little off track when she accuses the president and his administration of living like kings while overlooking the wealthy Americans that actually are.

The idea of successful people being demeaned has some merit. 70 percent of all Americans believe that the policies of congressional Republicans favor the rich. She feels it is an attack from the left that could be getting jobs from them. Well, the successful are just fine and really do not have any interest in creating a job until it will add to their profit margin.

The concept she has bought into is one of Republican politicians convincing her to fear socialism, gays, atheists, takers and abortion on the social issue side to keep her from noticing what they are really doing on the economic side: looking after the successful.

She has become a believer that the Republicans will really address her issues and in the end does not realize the cruel joke she has become part of.

On her remembering how the Republicans forced President Johnson to sign the Civil Rights Act, her memory appears somewhat cloudy. In 1963, folks like Strom Thurmond and his crowd were still Democrats but different from northern Democrats. It was Vice President Humphrey that brought the Senate together to overcome the anti-civil rights filibuster and pass the act. On the House side, the Democrats and Moderate Republicans, yes moderates existed in the ‘60s, were the ones that passed the legislation and the southern legislators were the ones opposed to it passing.

As far as The Sun News running farther to the left, it seems a bit odd when you consider the variety of op-ed writers they provide daily on the opinion pages. They offer a good balance of opinions from the left and right. I also have not noticed any bias in their news reporting; you can always find the “who, what, why, where, when and how” in the content. As for the Washington Times, in 2002, the news writers at the Times were known to be encouraged and rewarded for giving news stories a conservative slant.

The writer lives in Carolina Shores, N.C.