Letters to the Editor

Education needed more than deregulation in 7th District

The jobs issue was central in the debate for South Carolina’s 7th Congressional District. Republican Tom Rice proposed less regulation and lower corporate taxes to attract business and hiring an economic development specialist for his staff. Democrat Gloria Bromell Tinubu called for investment in education and infrastructure as the basis for attracting business.

One way to judge the proposals is how they address a recent CNBC analysis of the best states for business. Overall, South Carolina ranked 32nd out of 50 and the most negative factors were: quality of life at 41 and education at 46. Before proposing to end regulations and taxes, consider that employers are looking for a good place for their employees to live and a qualified work force to perform the work.

As she said during the debate, Ms. Tinubu is an economic development specialist.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.