Letters to the Editor

Keep political views out of the features section

Having lived in the Grand Strand area for just one year, I am a fairly new reader of The Sun News.

One of the columns I had enjoyed in the Sunday paper was “From the Belle Tower” by Celia Rivenbark. I was recently dismayed to discover she feels compelled to share her political views in her humor column, although her column is clearly not in the op-ed section of the paper. Whether I share her views or not doesn't matter; they don't belong in that column.

I suggest instead of Ms. Rivenbark you carry a similar syndicated column called “Chick Wit” by Lisa Scottoline. I read that column for many years in The Philadelphia Inquirer, and I can honestly say I still do not know Ms. Scottoline's political views, which is how it should be in that section of the paper.

Thanks for your consideration.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.